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HAN Examples

Bibliothek - Foto zeigt das Innere einer BibliothekImproved Accessibility of e-Journals on University Campuses

A main objective of a university library is to furnish students, colleagues and professors with appropriate information. E-journals and online databases contribute a huge part of the supply of information. The online databases and e-journals are subject to certain access restrictions. Sometimes they are protected with passwords, and sometimes you can only access them from designated computers. The implementation of HAN makes it possible to efficiently manage the use of databases and e-journals, and make them easily available on each workstation on the campus or at home.

Bibliothek - Foto zeigt das Innere einer BibliothekHAN in Regenburg’s Electronic Journals Library

The Electronic Journals Library in Regensburg is a main hub, providing German and European libraries central access to the links of e-journals for all participating libraries, that in turn, can all service the links. In addition to the centralized link maintenance, a main goal of the facility is the license maintenance. If you want to simplify the authentication with the online suppliers with e.g. user names and passwords and desire a statistical usage evaluation, HAN provides the ideal solution for EJL. (HAN Interface to EJL)

Firma - Foto zeigt Aktivitäten in einer FirmaSimplified Access to E-journals and Online-Databases in the Company Intranet

When accessing the expensive online databases the employees usually have to login with user names and passwords. With the multitude of databases this is not only a nuisance, but also increases the risky likelihood that access data has to be disclosed to the users. Here it would be preferable to provide access to the contents of the e-Journals and online Databases without having to reveal the verification data for the specific providers.

Firma - Foto zeigt Aktivitäten in einer FirmaEvaluation of Online Usage in Companies

For the employees accessing the contents of the articles in e-journals is of most importance. However, for those responsible for purchasing the access to this information and making it available to the firm, other information is necessary:

  • What e-journal has been used?
  • How often has a particular e-journal been accessed?
  • Which users have accessed the e-journals?
  • What departments have used what e-Journals?

The person providing the services definitely needs to know the answers to these questions in order to economically and efficiently organize and fashion the supply of information and additionally calculate any apportionment of costs to the different users.