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HAN Technical Information

How does HAN work?

HAN can be seen as a gateway for the HTTP data flow between the browser und the WWW-Server, substituting parts of the HTML pages, i.e. every link points to HAN. In this way the HAN-Server can automatically authenticate by the providers of e-journals or online-databases, navigating the way to the destination page and skip unimportant pages.
The HAN-Server is not a Proxy-Server, so that it doesn’t have to be authenticated as a proxy by the browsers. Instead the HAN-Server provides a persistent URL for each e-journal/every online database that you can simply address in your Intranet www-server, for example.

Before a user can access a HAN-PURL and thereby the online sites, it is recommendable the users have already been authenticated. For this purpose HAN provides a variety of authentication services:

  1. IP/DNS-address checker
  2. NT-registration for a particular domain
  3. Registration over a LDAP-Interface (Microsoft ADS, Netscape iPlanet)
  4. Microsoft Active Directory
  5. NetMan Registration 
  6. PICA (CBS und LBS)
  7. SISIS

HAN - das zentrale Gateway II - Der gesamte Verkehr zwischen den Online-Datenbanken und dem Client wird über HAN abgewickelt. Dadurch werden Zugangsbeschränkungen der Datenbanken nicht aufgehoben, sondern durch HAN abgewickelt. Dies erhöht gleichzeitig die Sicherheit und die Verfügbarkeit der Datenbankzugänge.

Functional Overview

  • Authentication by the HAN-Server using the HTTP or HTML-Form
  • Automatic navigation in the Internet services
  • Automatic authentication for Internet services liable to charges
  • Access control for Internet services
  • License for the Internet services
  • Metering of the chargeable Internet-services with statistical evaluation
  • Interface to the Electronic Journal Library in Regensburg (HAN Interface to EJL)

System requirements

  • Apache Server for Windows-Platforms Version 2.x (Version 2.046 or higher)
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher)
  • Windows NT 4 Server/Terminal server (Service Pack 6a or higher)