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HAN Interface to EJL

The Electronic Journals Library in Regensburg offers a central service in Germany in which many links are maintained by all participating libraries to facilitate the use of scholarly journals on the Internet. It offers a fast, structured and unified interface to access full text articles online. In addition to the central link maintenance the license management of all participating libraries plays a crucial part in this service. These goals have been realized and enhanced through the implementation on HAN:

  1. Through HAN a transparent authentication with online suppliers with user name/password is made possible.
  2. Easier maintenance of IP-address groups which are allowed to use the particular e-journal
  3. Precise account rights by embedding local user properties (Group memberships, user types, ...)
  4. Metering the usage
  5. Statistical evaluation of usage

HAN becomes a natural part of the already existing infrastructure of the EJL. Customers still access the e-journals from the EJL; then the HAN-Server automatically forwards them to the desired e-Journals. The user only notices a difference when he has to authenticate himself to HAN, possibly because he wants to access the resources from home.

The integration of HAN in the EJL service is straightforward and trouble-free for the HAN-Administrator.

  1. Export a list of accounts from the EJL, that can be imported into HAN
  2. Configuration of HAN and EJL, so that the synchronization between HAN und EJL over signed e-Mails can succeed.

And then you have parts or all of the EJL services at your fingertips. An overview of the interface architecture is shown in the following graphic.

HAN Interface to EJL - This graphic shows the interactions between HAN and the EJL Regensburg

Requirements for the EJL interface: SMTP mail server, which provides certified mails via POP3, Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, HAN Version 1.3