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H+H Software GmbH
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Overview of the business fields
The H+H Software GmbH focuses on professional solutions for problems related to medium-bound applications. H+H resolves the problems in its three business fields:

The business field availability serves as a basis for all further areas. The H+H solution for availability provides the infrastructure for using medium-bound applications effectively, improving the efficiency of the existing system and ensuring the system's security. The terminal server technology as well as the products HAN and Virtual CD are all parts of in this business field.

The security controls the availability. H+H  products are being conceived and further developed with highest security standards. In addition to functions in Virtual CD and NEtMan, this area primarily includes the product line ProGuard und HAN.

The management division integrates the medium-bound applications into a complete custom-designed solution. Solutions are individually coordinated for the customer and involve mainly the H+H products