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Knowledgebase-Eintrag #3063 HAN.Accounts.General
Video players and PDF viewers via HAN
A video may not be shown properly within HAN.

Flash based content may not be shown properly within HAN as the server name differs from the original one (this is by design). the following article explains this in detail: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14213.html

The problem thus is based on Flash resp. the cross domain function. You can see the allowed domain(s) if you load the corresponding crossdomain.xml (http://[rooturl]/crossdomain.xml).

A further problem may occur with URLs that are embedded within the Flash application. Only relative URLs (e.g. /folder/site.html) are no problem. Absolute URLs (e.g. http://my.server.com/folder/site.html) cannot be rewritten by HAN so that the account leaves the HAN server.

Note: Flash is actively blocked im Browsers since January 2021 and cannot be used anymore!

The player from Bitmovin (http://www.bitmovin.com) is licensed for single domains. Videos cannot be loaded via HAN as HAN changes the domain name:
{"status":"denied","message":"Your player is not allowed to play on the domain www-1bild-1de-1lbjqdmj6017c.han-bpa.hh-han.com."}

26.03.21, Hartmut Mäcker

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