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Frequently Asked Questions

Sybol for Questions - Is it a possible option to install NetMan within a NT-Cluster?

sybol for Answers - Yes.

Sybol for Questions - Does NetMan have to be insalled on an NT-Server?

sybol for Answers - No. Only the central NetMan service has been designed to be an NT service and requires an NT computer (a server or workstation). NetMan requires a Windows operating system in the runtime anvironment. The files can be stored as well on any other file server system (e.g. Novell Netware or Linux with Samba).

Sybol for Questions - What webserver technology does NetMan's HTML Framework use?

sybol for Answers - The HTML Wizard creates simple HTML documents, through which the accesss to NetMan resources with any Web technology is possible. HTML View and HAN are designed to be modules of Apache servers.

Sybol for Questions - How do NetMan and NetMan for Schools differ?

sybol for Answers - NetMan for Schools is a special product for schools. It contains H+HNetMan with the Module Installer, Terminal Server and Training as well as a preconfigured data base for use ins schools.