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Fields of Applications

Business and Administration

One of the most important objectives of networking workplaces is making central data, information and applications accessible for each workstation. Here a variety of sources (CD/DVD applications, standard applications like MS-Office or SAP, online databases from the Internet, URL lists, etc.) is involved. The accession display of the various resources is to be consolidated in a single display, a clear user interface. In addition the networking should provide user-specific information portal to the users's total supply of shared applications and information (user-specific information portal) and a convenient intuitive user interface.

The speciality of NetMan is precisely the realisation of theses goals, the coordination of the necessary individual system environments as well as the provision of an efficient management system.

NetMan - originally developed as a management software for the particular requirements of CD/DVD-based databases - has proven to be reliable in managing these, as well as all other types of applications. Standard applications usually do not provide for availability for external data medium. In addition to the typical solutions for software distribution and license management (both of these functions are naturally covered by NetMan), CD-ROM-based applications require a media management, the provision of the associated CDs to the started applications. The direct support of CD/DVD-based applications is a distinguishing attribute of NetMan. It supports all 
common CD-ROM-server systems and integrates our software Virtual CD. In addition NetMan can check the necessary system requirements before starting applications and then either starts the applications or prevents them from starting.

The NetMan Desktop Management makes sure that the  programs, information, data and URLs are only accessible where allowed, necessary and desirable.

NetMan ist specially designed for operation in terminal server environments. If the use of applications and information is to be provided independent of the client operating system or if it is to function under very narrow-banded connections (z.B. ISDN, Modem, GSM), NetMan provides an encompassing solution. It makes your company independent of the of capacities and operating systems of the enduser. The applications are then started on a terminal server and executed. It is of no relevance whether the enduser employs a Windows system, a Macintosh or a Unix station.


As a library you have the difficult task of providing a variety of information, both digital and printed, for those looking for information - according to the individual user rights and ideally independent of time or the place of the person looking for information. Through the strong procession of digital media and, in particular, of Internet this has become much more complex. You have to provide information of a variety of medium formats and technologies (CD/DVD, online databases, standard applications, OPAC, URL lists, general information from Internet, etc.) using a single user interface. With this complex performance requirement, the library turns into a computer center, whose "information portal" is to be available for employees, professors, and students as well as for external users.

Visitors from libraries are usually anonomous and expect access to information in a simple and understandable way. The library, on the other hand, has to manage and provide the available digital informationen effectively and conveniently at a reasonable price. In many cases users expect a thematic classification or even a pre-selection as a list. NetMan fulfills all your needs, including the integration of CD-/DVD databases, the access to online databases and e-journals, the maintenance of interested URL lists, etc.

The user and workplace management ensures that the sources of information are available where they are needed and can only be used by those entitled to user them. It also makes sure that all relevant license agreements are adhered to. All this must be guaranteed even under diverse technical conditions of internal (interoffice) or external users.

NetMan supports you by the installation, the automatic installation distribution and integration of programs in your particular system environment and makes it possible for you to easily manage hundreds of applications. All applications can universally be managed and provided with one single attractive, convenient and intuitively usable user interface (selectively like an explorer or browser-based).

Usually libraries use NetMan in terminal server environments and implement it with browser-based user interfaces. This technology frees you completely of the problems of different end user platforms. In its use of Microsoft terminal server services (optionally with MetaFrame of the firm Citrix Inc.), NetMan  puts you in the position of providing all available applications and information using the available connection and the operating systems used, without having to deal with the computer systems of the user. A NetMan-integrated system fulfills the highest security requirements in public areas of libraries.


Even the main functions of NetMan like

  • flexible desktop management
  • simple but individually adjustable user interface
  • extraordinary support of CD/DVD-based applications and the interface to Virtual CD

qualifiy NetMan for use in schools.

With the additional school module NetMan contains a padagogical interface, with which a teacher's workstation can provide programs and documents to students' workstations as soon as needed and as the current educational requirements demand. The module also includes a user account assistant, that simplifies the maintenance of student and teacher workstations.

NetMan and the additional NetMan modules

  • Education
  • Installer
  • Terminal Server

are combined as a separate package NetMan for Schools , that is pre-configured for use in schools. The software is based on the Microsoft terminal server services and was awarded with the Comenius Medal in July 2004.