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NetMan - Main Points

Effective Application Management

NetMan makes an effective application management possible. Complete support for administrators and users in the network.

NetMan - used worldwide

NetMan simplifies the management of computer applications worldwide in company, administration and library networks. Customers from Europe, Asia, Canada, USA and Australisa employ NetMan.

NetMan and Terminal Servers - a strong bond

Since the beginning of the Windows terminal server technology NetMan has been used in this environment, and NetMan has systematically taken into account all developments of the terminal server technology ever since.

Today NetMan proves itself as an excellent management software in a zerminal server environment. It provides an powerful expansion. Once an application is defined in NetMan it can be selectively used on different workplaces directly over the LAN or started using the RDP or ICA protocol.


Unique - NetMan and CD/DVD applications

The complete management of CD/DVD applications in a network is one of the unique features of NetMan.

The special problem of CD/DVD applications in a network results from the combination of media and application programs, the high update frequency and the necessary drive management for the media. This enormous challenge for any network administrator is a home game for NetMan and is conveniently embedded in all of its functionality .

In particular, the combination of NetMan and Virtual CD as a CD/DVD server - also from the H+H software house - provides for a trouble-free operation of even huge CD/DVD supplies in network environments.



Many tasks - one solution

The administration of application programs in a network encompasses a number of tasks. From the installation of programs to be run in a network to the distribution of software to controlling the adherence to license agreements many factors have to be taken into account.

Amongst other tasks application management encompasses the rejection of undesired program calls and installations on the workstations. With the ProGuard - Module you get a grip on these problems: through a flexible accessability rights management you determine which kinds of programs may be executed and which not. The installation of software "brought along" or not authorised software, the execution of harmful Script files and the unallowed access to unshared programs all all effectively prevented.

CrossMedia - no problem for NetMan

In dealing with LAN, WAN, Intra- and Internet applications, CD- or DVD-based, Online or Offline, there is no basic difference for NetMan.

The integration of CD/DVD-based applications in Intranet and provision of other Internet ressources like online databases and e-journals is a part of this successful information management system. Here the requirements for a CrossMedia strategy from the administrator have to be taken into account. In all these points and more NetMan proves itself to be powerful and robust.

With a simple click applications, as well in Intranet and even in Internet, are provided. In NetMan all high-quality features like tracing, access control, license management, etc. are effective for offline applications as well as for online applications. NetMan's application framework and its HTML Framework cover all needs of a CrossMedia implementation.

Internet - Everything is under control

With NetMan a controlled use of Internet is possible! The NetMan Explorer enables you to have canalized access to  Internet resources. Positive and negative lists for Internet resources regulates access the access to Internet, only permitting access to those allowed areas of Internet.

Cost control and distribution - NetMan is a great help 

In order to calculate cost-benefit analysis of investments in software and information sources (CD, DVD, Online), a complete tracing and logging, as well as the statistical evaluation is needed. The powerful NetMan usage statistic gives you exact information about who uses which programs how often.

The thorough logging of the usage data through NetMan makes such an analysis for investments, cost distributions and license negotiations with software providers possible.

NetMan - the applications and information portal

NetMan brings all access paths to applications or  Internet resources together. NetMan manages and controls the accesses, supports the integration of the applications and presents them on- and offline. NetMan regulates each and every program start and ensures the availability of each application. NetMan helps the user and supports the administrator.

Additional Documents

You can find further information in the following documents.

PDF Documents
NetMan XP product brochure (DIN A3) - The product brochure contains information about the product NetMan XP
NetMan XP featurelist - The flyer explains the most important features of NetMan XP