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Get a Grip on your E-Journals and Online-Databases


In today’s information society it is more and more important to provide the right information at the right time. The jungle of information in the various Internet sources, gigantic in supply and variety, is nearly impossible to manage. Access authentication and chargeable services make handling even more complicated. The realm of information has to be prepared in form and content to achieve transparency for the user. For the commercial offers from Internet, HAN deals with the two following basic sectors:

  • E-Journals
  • Online-Databases

How can I provide metered Internet information with a high degree of transparency?

E-Journals and Online-Databases subject to charge are protected from unauthorized use. Common access controls include, for instance, requests for user names and passwords or verification of the IP-address of the accessing workstations. This is easy enough for the individual database supplier to implement, but when you are dealing with thousands of e-journals on the one hand and your own heterogeneous infrastructure on the other, the task becomes a major challenge. Even more challenging is the presentation of these resources to your users. With HAN, you can give your users instant access to any Internet resource, without giving away any passwords. 

How can I make sure only authorized users have access to restricted resources?

In addition to providing easy access to Internet resources, it is your job to make sure licensing agreements with resource suppliers are observed. This means that you have to limit e-journal access to those users who have the required authorization. In other words, you have to authenticate users before you permit them to access the various resources on offer. HAN lets you implement authentication in the manner best suited to your system: you can integrate HAN into existing login mechanisms, or use it as the leading login system for all access to e-journals and online databases.

How can I manage chargeable Internet information offers?

  • Internet is a nearly unmanageable network of information sources, which are constantly changing. Not only do the contents of WWW change, but also the information can be accessible under a familiar URL one day and on the next day under a different URL. HAN’s central management of the “external URLs” solves with this dilemma. All internal links are sent to a central management, so that you only need to make changes in one place and thus HAN offers so-called persistent URLs.
  • Commercial Internet services are sometimes subject to subscription periods. These limited periods have to be managed centrally. This optimizes the organization and thereby saves time and money! While saving on the administrative costs, your users are kept up-to-date on the status of the commercial Internet services: „The access to the Online-Database Chemical Structures cannot be accessed at the moment, since the contract has expired.” With HAN you can manage these contract periods.
  • Often you are posed with the question of how many licenses you need to purchase for a database / an e-journal in order to satisfy the need for information. Without a license management and a statistical evaluation of usage it is impossible to answer such questions. HAN helps you answer these crucial questions.

HAN signifies for the user: „Just login once to use all services “
HAN signifies for the den administrator: „The commercial internet services are easily accessible with low maintenance.“